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Is there any documentation for the ICUE software? It would be nice to have a concise overview and instructions on how this works instead of the youtube tutorial videos. Especially around performance and cooling....lighting is nice, if not useless, but it's more important the thing doesn't go up in flames.


A specific question I have is, on the right side of the profile screen it shows "temperate emergency shut down" and a temperature is displayed there. What temperature is this monitoring? How do you set the shutdown temperature?


If the temperature of the coolant stays low but the cooler heats up (mine hits 185-190 F in Prime95 testing (stock build; Ryzen 7 3800 on ASROCK x570 creator with the H100i - no tweaking), how would the so-called "emergency shutdown" work?


Also, while looking for answers I've seen screen shots showing voltage instead. How do I get that? Why do I want to?

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