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lighting on H100i RGB PRO XT Push Pull setup.


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Hi, Please can you help. I've read and read lots of posts on the forum (including Zotty's posts and diagrams) I've learnt a lot but can't find the answer I need.


My question is about RGB lighting (not how to power fans)


I have a Corsair 570X (clear glass) case.


New parts ready to fit:-

H100i RGB PRO XT (the fans that came with the rad have been swapped for RGB ones)

6x ML 120 PRO RGB fans

2x ML 140 PRO RGB fans

1x Commander Pro

2x LED Hubs (came in packs)

2x Light Node Pro (came in packs)


I will have front of case: H100i RGB PRO XT & 4x ML120 RGB fans in push/pull config, fan speed will be powered by 2x Y splitters to the AIO.


Also 1x ML 120 RGB fan at the front bottom. (making a set of 3 in a vertical line fans the top 2 of which are as mentioned in the 'push config' intake on the 240mm rad).


Also: 2x ML 140 RGB fan as exhaust fans in roof of case.


Lastly: 1x ML 120 RGB as exhaust fan at rear of case.


Numbering fans starting bottom front as Fan No. 1 and working up , over the top and ending at the rear with Fan No. 6.


My question is: How do I get the 2x ML 120 RGB fans 'in pull config' on the back of the H100i rad to light up identically as the push fans on the front of the rad? can I use 2x Y splitters on the LED lighting hub? Ideally I don't want to number the 2x Pull fans as No. 7 & 8.


I'm aiming to have the 2x pull fans light exactly the same in sync as the 2x push fans (so from inside the case it looks (lighting wise) like there's no rad fitted). Fan No. 2 push & pull to light at the same time. Fan No. 3 push & pull to light the same time.


Apologies if I've missed the post that covers this, if so please send me the link.


Thank you.

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UPDATE: I've found the following possible solution on a well known auction website. Personally I think they're expensive for what they are (US $12.99 or UK £10.16 Plus shipping) But I guess worth it if they do the job. I'd be interested to know your views OR if you know of any alternatives splitters or other ways of achieving the same.


QUOTE: " RGB LED Fan Splitter for ALL Corsair RGB Fans (LL, HD, ML, SP, SP-PRO, QL)


This splitter will allow you to connect two RGB Fans to a single RGB Fan Hub port. Each fan will have identical RGB effects and will be configured in Corsair iCUE as a single fan - just like fans that are on a PWM splitter. This gives you more flexibility when wiring up your fans and RGB LED Fan Hubs. As with a traditional fan splitter, one connector has 4 pins - this returns the fan signal from the fan to the RGB Fan Hub - and the other connector has 3 pins - it only takes input values. This allows you to use the RGB Fan Splitter in any position on the RGB LED Fan Hub and still have the chain intact. Note that the 4-pin connector must be connected to an RGB Fan; if the 4-pin connector does not have an RGB fan connected to it, the rest of the ports on the RGB Fan Hub won't receive a control signal. These cables are not sleeved but instead use a high-flex black ribbon cable that is similar in appearance to the stock Corsair cables but is even more flexible, making cable routing simple and taking less space.


Simple, right? Well, there are limitations that you need to keep in mind before buying. First, you'll need to make sure that you limit the number of splitters you use on a single RGB LED Fan Hub based on the types of fans that you are using. You should not exceed more than 120 LEDs on a single RGB LED Fan Hub as you may draw too much current and overload your fan hub. We've measured the actual current usage for LEDs fans and recommend that you keep the limits below in mind when ordering and configuring your Fan Hub and RGB Fan Splitters:


LL RGB Fans: 16 LEDs each. Limit to no more than 7 fans (112 LEDs) on a single RGB Fan Hub.

HD RGB Fans: 12 LEDs each. Limit to no more than 10 fans (120 LEDs) on a single RGB Fan Hub. Ideally, keep it under 9 fans for a bit of margin.

ML RGB Fans: 4 LEDs each. You can use an RGB Fan Splitter on each RGB Fan Hub port.

SP RGB Fans: 1 LED each. You can use an RGB Fan Splitter on each RGB Fan Hub port.

SP-PRO RGB Fans: 8 LEDs each. You can use an RGB Fan Splitter on each RGB Fan Hub port.

QL RGB Fans: 34 LEDs each. However, they draw less current than the LEDs in other fans. You can put up to 8 QL RGB fans on a single RGB Fan Hub.


These may also be used with the Platinum series coolers. However, with the Platinum series coolers, do not exceed 32 LEDs on a single cooler.


Disclaimer: This product is not made, endorsed, or supported by Corsair. Use of this splitter cable is not a configuration that is officially supported by Corsair. We have extensive experience with the Corsair RGB system and make cables that are fully compatible." UNQUOTE.


2x Images of RGB LED Fan Y Splitter for ALL Corsair RGB Fans:-



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