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H80i loses connection (USB not recognized)


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Hi guys,


i looked through the forum but couldn't find an answer to my specific problem.


I have a H80i v2 cooling mounted on my ASrock extreme 6 Z170 Motherboard.

For a week, the H80i v2 either loses its connection to the link software or doesn't even get recognized at start.


What are the effects?

The Link software is not able to display any temp or rpm values anymore (the values just do not change anymore or it is not even shown in the software).

Also the fans attached (corsair ML120) spin at maximum speed.


What did i try to fix?

- re-installed Corsair Link / iCUE --> no effect

- re-installed the Corsair USBXp driver --> no effect

- checked the USB cable --> USB device is shown as "not working" due to invalid description ??



My question:

What else can i do? Is the cooler maybe even broken?


Thanks in advance

Greetings from germany

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