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MAX volume now about 75% post update


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Issue began a couple weeks ago after I decided to install iCUE.


First off, I tried the suggestions posted here:



Only thing I avoided was the total reinstall, I simply updated firmware+software.


Specific issue is the volume on chrome (youtube) is like 50% of what it was prior to the update. I can hear games if I turn it up all the way but can hear background scratchiness (like turning the volume up on a big speaker w/o anything playing).


Is there any fix to this? I spend like $80 on these headphones and now it feels like its up to me to solve a weird issue that seems like a software update bug..


I remember accidentally switching on surround sound (press volume gear + mute button?) and that's when everything happened I think. I turned surround off but the low volume persists..


Sorry for such an unorganized post. I'm confused, frustrated and my back really hurts right now.


Thank you!

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Just wanna confirm im having the same issue after update.


I figured my issue out. I'm stupid. Not sure if this is your issue as well but the sound mixer thing bottom right of your bar has settings for each app like chrome, discord and stuff. I've literally NEVER used that and have been asking (laughing as I type this) for advice WHILE IGNORING the "go check out the sound mixer" because I thought it was something else.


I'm gonna leave this all here for internet shame.


Cheers & good luck on your journey KrazyCrayon!

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