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3 Failed PSU RMA's

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I initially bought a CORSAIR HXi Series, HX850i on May 23rd, 2019. It was dead on arrival wouldn't power my system up at all. So i RMA'd it, couple weeks later i receive the first RMA and same issue it is not powering up i double-check wiring and other components to narrow down the fault and nothing i hook up my old PSU from EVGA and it works perfectly. I send the received RMA back for a second RMA which came the following month and the same issue again it does not power at all i try to narrow down everything again and check maybe my outlets are the reason and nothing i put back my EVGA PSU and works on the first try without issue. So i get in hold with Corsair Customer service on phone and in email, was told they would send me another RMA and "upgrade me to the HXI 1000 for the issues that are happening" Yesterday on 6/3/2020 i receive the Third RMA and load and behold not only did they lie to me about upgrading me to the HXI 1000 they gave me an RM850 and to top it off the same issue was occurring it wouldn't power anything and of course the EVGA PSU works but Corsair doesn't.


So now for the Fourth Time, i am having to Call and Email to get this sorted out. To possibly either get my money back by means of my bank or Them giving me a Working PSU, which i doubt would work TBH at this point.

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