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USB type C and type A adapter for Void.


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Just a little help understanding. Please be patient with my limited knowledge on many subjects; including, writing in my native language English. I I have troubles with the mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad (all corsair RGB). The mouse is the new Nightsword, headset Void pro USB, an older model of the K95 ( the one with 18 G macro keys), the mouse pad MM800 Polaris. Having read various post regarding these issues. Many said, low power, slow transfer speed, etc. I decided to go with a USB 3.1 card with 4 ports, USB C. Seeing many of these items are USB type A, I got some USB C to A adapters. Trying one of these on the USB type C port on the mother board with the Void pro. Windows 7 immediately went to no sound device. i thought OK reboot. I got hopeful when I heard beep sounds during the splash screen for the motherboard. But, once into windows, nothing. I tied the device manager, it tries to find drivers for the devices (USB and USB device) , that fails. I figure that is because it's looking for it at Microsoft, and that is useless.


Now, Can the void work through a usb c to a adapter? How come I can hear it work under the motherboard start up and not when it gets into windows? If there is a way to install drivers to work this, how is that done? If you need any more information, I'll be checking.

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