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2 Question about the iCUE Program


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I have a K95 Platinum Keyboard have 2 issues with iCUE


1. The macros. I set the macros and it works, then after some time (no specific time frame, can be 2 days or a week later) the macros will randomly stop working. I would have to then restart my computer, and this may be multiple times. Sometimes on the first restart, my macros will work again, sometimes it'll take 3 restarts for it to work. This is quite frustrating and wonder if there's a way to stop this from happening or repair it in a way that I don't have to constantly restart my computer


2. Recording Macros. Is there a way to record a macro, with mouse movement without having to actively be on the iCUE program. Say I want to record a macro but need to press specific areas of a screen, I would like to minimize the iCUE program and click specific areas on said screen, then proceed to stop the recording. At the moment, I have to stay on the iCUE program and predict where I could click on my actual screen, which can be time consuming and lots of unnecessary trial and error.


If there's any more specific question you need to ask me, I'll answer them. Thank you for the help, take care.

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