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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless: Sound Issues, interfering with RGB and other hardware


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Dear all


I just got this headset a few days ago and it's been nothing but troubles. I'm disappointed in Corsair that it has these driver issues that everyone is complaining about, how can it be that such unfinished products are shipped out to consumers?


Anyway, I would like to report the following issues and asking if anyone else noticed this aswell:


- I experience the already reported problems by other users such as connections cutting off, bad audio etc.

- This especially happens with iCUE software installed (no matter which version) and when using Discord voice chat (I assume it's because the mic's being accessed?)

- It happens all the time in wireless mode, and very seldomly in wired USB mode


Additionally, and this bothers me a lot, is that whenever I plug the dongle in/out, or connect or disconnect the headset (both via USB and wireless) my RGB lighting in the case shuts off for a few seconds and I can hear my external USB powered HDD spinning up as if it experienced a short power loss. This never happend with any other hardware I owned.


See this video: https://streamable.com/vwq95w


I tested a similar situation (Discord, a game and Youtube running at the same time) on my Surface tablet and it seems to work without issues... but as this is a gaming headset I expect it work with any gaming PC setup


Too bad it has all these problems in what seemed to be a good headset which had all the features I wished for, but if this doesn't get resolved in a timely manner I'm going to return the headset and look for other hardware manufacturers in the future :sigh!:


Thanks for looking into it

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