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Harpoon RGB Wireless Multipurpose LED Brightness


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Hello, i have some suggestions to make for this mouse,

since there is no hardware profile.


There is no way to have without iCUE multipurporse led on and no rainbow effect. That is needed in order to check battery level


1)In order to disable the default Rainbow effect,

implement a firmware without it.

This way and without iCUE software the mouse will work as a regular

mouse, but keeping the multipurpose led active


2)Implement an option where brightness is different for logo and

multipurpose led. That way the default firmware will have rgb outside icue,

but with brightness for logo to zero will also disable the rainbow effect

The brightness of multipurpose will be worked independently.

I have K63 Wireless keyboard and its default firmware does not have any special effect


3)Instead of having the DPI led mode always on and show the battery level led for a few seconds, it should be the either way around

That means when user press the DPI then it will show the color of DPI selected.

At least give an option to toggle on / off this mode


Thank you

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