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Product Suggesition - M55 RGB Pro Elite?


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I'm still struggling to find the perfect left-handed (or ambidextrous) Corsair mouse to complement to many other Corsair devices. I've been using a Dark Core SE for a short time which is just about usable in the left hand but obviously far from ideal. The M55 RGB Pro would be just about perfect if only it had the following additions:


1) Multiple onboard profiles (like the Dark Core SE) which can store RGB settings (static lighting at a minimum).


2) More RGB zones (such as scroll wheel accents).


3) A better braided cable (more flexible).


4) A more premium quality scroll wheel mechanism that doesn't feel quite as 'scratchy' and imprecise (I've tried two to rule out a fault).


There are mice from other brands that meet all of the above criteria but I love all my other Corsair products and don't want to give up on the dream of the perfect Corsair mouse!


Please make my dream a reality and release an M55 RGB Pro Elite!

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