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Ryzen 5 2600X + ASUS B450F-Gaming + Vengeance Pro RGB 3200 2x 16GB Kit (4x8GB) HELP


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Hello Community


search für "B450" and "Vengeance Pro RGB 3200" didnt shows much results so i opened a new thread






i have some serious problems running the Vengeance Pro RGB RAM at more then 2400Mhz :(:


D.O.C.P. is active.


Board has latest BIOS Version V3003.


i used the Ryzen DRAM Calculator, but when i useing all this settings the BIOS always resets itself to 2133Mhz setting.



on the internet i read some posts where users said they running same hardware and RAM runs on 2933 or higher.


but no one posted any settings or else.


maybe someone here knows some tricks...


or will it only help to buy better CPU? (i will go for the ryzen7 3800X in the near future)


or could downgrade to older BIOS help?


anyone had same hardware and issues?




thank you


greets from germany



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