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Some questions/suggestions about macros.

Iar Best

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Hi and happy winter holidays to all! :)


I am sorry if my questions was risen there - I used search and nothing not found.


I bought K95 platinum, because I wanted to use macros - I have cerebral palsy and hoped to make my life with computer more easy with them. But I met some problems. Maybe I don't understand something, but if not - can I ask moderators to send my questions to developers of icue program? Thanks in advance.


1. In action library I can't choose button for activating it - only in "Actions" section. Sometimes I need, for example turbofire on Keypad5, sometimes no. Sometimes I need, turbofire on Keypad8, sometimes no etc, but creating profile under each case or every time, when I move macro from library to actions section, to assign the key - is not the best solution, I think. (Turbofire - while one key is holded, system see it as repeatedly fast pressed).


2. In action library I can't select some actions batch. I select one action, trying to select another with shift or control - and it doesn't selecting two actions or more.


3. I can copy to clipboard steps in rec macro window, but I can't copy/paste them between different macros.


4. As I understood, this is a known bug, but I will repeat it (maybe I wrong): in action library I have for example 7 macros. When I press "Esc" activated first macro in the list, F1 - second, F2 - third etc. Of course I don't assigned any of these keys.


5. To drag some macro from action library to action section, you must make sure that any of macros in library is highlighted. If not - you can't drag and drop macros. Interesting thing that if you want to do this from action section to library - you no need to highlight any macro.


6. Is the possibility to assign for macro modificators like Control, Shift etc? For example, I need to do macro not for "U" button, but for "Alt+U".


Thanks advance and sorry for bother. P. S. Sorry for my English - is not my native language.


Good luck and health to all in the new year! :)


P. P. S. Win10*64, firmware of keyboard: 3.21.28, version of icue software: 3.23.66.

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