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Is 3-years old H110i's AMD mounting kit compatible with AM4 socket?


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Apparently, this question is harder to answer than I thought because Corsair's customer support can't give me a definitive answer.


I own H110i AIO cooler. I have used it on Intel sockets but now I’m switching to AMD products. I would like to know whether AMD mounting bracket and mounting clips that came with my 3-years old cooler are compatible with AM4 socket on current X570 motherboards and Ryzen 7 3000 CPUs.


There is no mentioning on the box of my cooler that it’s compatible with AMD AM4. The compatibility list ends with AM3 socket probably because AM4 socket was introduced in September 2016 and I bought this cooler on August 17, 2016. The cooler does come with AMD mounting bracket and mounting clips. Looking at the part number CW-8960011 that Corsair sells in the Accessories page I don’t see any difference between this and my AMD kit. Further, the manual available for download for H110i cooler that Corsair still sells on its web site, doesn’t differ in any way from the one that came with my cooler in the section dedicated to installation on AMD sockets. But tech specs for this cooler on the web site say that it's compatible with AM4 sockets.


Thank you in advance!

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