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680x power button


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I just did an install in a new 680x case. System bench tested fine, I get everything installed, apply power, it turns on for a couple of seconds and switches off. If I unplug the front panel connectors and power on via motherboard, both via start button and jumping pins, it operates as normal. I've submitted a ticket about the power button as it's the only conclusion I can come to. The light works fine and when I push it it pushes in, but it would appear the circuit is stuck. Unless anyone else has another suggestion. It's been running for 12 hours when powered on via motherboard start button and front panel connector unplugged so everything else seems to be fine.


My first question is if I swap the pins to put the connector for the reset button as the power button will that work as a temporary solution so I don't have to reach in the case to turn it on?


Second question, how hard is a power button to swap out?



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