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Slow / uneven speed of MP510 (2TB)


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My NVME disc is feeling a bit slow and benchmarks confirm that depending on disc position, the performance is very uneven - this is both under Windows and Linux.


It is the same when copying / reading from a RAM disc - can be fast, but also slow (< 500 MB/s). I updated to the latest firmware (12.3) but it has no effect on the speed (see screenshot)


Any idea what could cause this? Should I return the drive?



AMD Ryzen 3700X

MSI B450A-Pro

32GB Ram

Windows 10 64 Bit / Linix mint 19.2 64 Bit


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It may possibly be that the chipset cannot handle it or needs updating.


I have a 960GB and speeds are pretty much on par with the specs. I used to have a SATA M.2 on my motherboard and it would do the 530MB/R and 560MB/W and when I put it in a M.2 USB 3.0 enclosure performance dropped by 50%, then I tried a 2nd and it was 410MB/R and 380MB/W, a big higher but it all depends on what controller.


So, I decided to get a 3.1 Gen2 enclosure and now it's close to 500MB/R and W.

And don't get me started on that horrible and crappy ASMedia controller.


Don't know about AMD chipsets but see if they have drivers for it.

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