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4 gamers 1 CPU rig at CORSAIR Hydro X HQ


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Rig after one year of use.


System specs:

  • UnRAID hypervisor with 4x Win 10 systems
    AMD Ryzen Threadripper WX2990
    ASUS Zenith Extreme
    2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (EVGA SC)
    2x NVIDIA Titan X Pascal (FE)
    CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 4x16GB DDR4-3200 CL16
    2x CORSAIR MP500 960GB NVMe
    1x PCIe x1 over USB riser with USB host card
    CORSAIR Obsidian 1000D
    CORSAIR Hydro X water cooling (dual loop)
    GPU loop: 2x XR7 480 + 1x XD5 RGB + 4x XG7 RGB 10-SERIES (1080 Ti FE)
    CPU loop: 1x XR5 420 + 1x XD5 RGB + 1x XC9 RGB



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