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H100i Platinum SE Pump RGB Not Working


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So I recently upgraded my system to the AIO cooler listed in the post title. I was able to connect all the fans, pumps, ect correctly (at least I assume so) since everything is working and cooling properly. The only issue I am having is that the pump RGB is not actually lighting up. Not a static color, no color at all. Never flashes even at start up. I have triple check connections, and updated firmware. I am at a loss.


I am also including a picture with this. The pump RBG settings do show up in the icue software, and shows that it should be illuminated. However, there is just nothing showing up color wise on the pump itself.


I have both the RGB cables coming from the 2 fans connected to the 2 RGB connectors coming from the pump. The 2 fan cables going to my fan hub. The SATA connected to power supply. The Micro-USB on side of pump going to the USB 2.0-2 header on my motherboard (ASUS B450-F).


Everything is working perfectly. I have a standard fan hub and the lightning node pro connected. I do have a second lightning node pro that is not in use, as the 1 node was enough for the 6 LL120 fans on the case, and the H100i had the 2 RGB headers for the fans attached to it.


I am really at a loss and would love to find out if I am doing something wrong, if this is a known issue with the current USB connection/firmware problems I was reading about, or something else entirely.


I appreciate any help, and thank you in advance.


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I have the h100i rbg platnium and I have the same issue,

the rbg led on the pump just won't lit up but everything else is working fine, in icue software shows all rbgs are on but in reality only the fan rbgs are on.

From another forum I heared that if you are using adpaters or extension cables for the sata power, then there's not enough voltage to power the led;

however I tried connecting directly from psu to the sata power and the led still won't lit up

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