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iCUE Automatically Profile Switching Inquiry


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iCUE automatic profile switching is not working for me. Just to keep things simple for testing purposes, I do the following:


1. In the profile section, I click on the plus symbol to create a new profile and name it "WordPad".


2. Then in the "Link profile to program" input field, I browse to "c:\windows\write.exe".


3. I then click on lighting effects and click on the plus symbol and leave it on the default of "Spiral Rainbow".


4. I then close out of the iCUE UI (it is still running in the system tray as expected).


5. I then run write.exe, but the "Spiral Rainbow" effect does not get enabled signaling that the automatic profile switching is not working.


I go back into iCUE and it is showing the "WordPad" profile as well as it being set to the "Spiral Rainbow".


I am currently utilizing iCUE v3.19.120.


I am I missing something simple? Thanks in advance.

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