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HD120 fans leds, unable to change color


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I have 4 HD120 installed on a corsair spec Omega RGB case. The case came with the commander pro and lighting node.


The issue I am currently experiencing is that I am unable to control the led color in icue, I have set the fans to the correct type and amount (4). All fans light up but the color is always white. I attempted to un-install all my other rgb software (SteelSeries, asus aura synch, razer synapse) to attempt to rule a out a conflict with no avail. Ive upgraded my bios on my mobo Asus X470 prime.

I even re-installed windows in a desperate attempt to fix the issue, none of these things worked. Can anyone assist?


Win10 64 bit

16 gig patriot viper ram (8gig x 2)

Asus X470 prime mobo

Asus 1080ti

Ryzen 2600x

Corsair H100i



Thank you

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