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Lian Li Strimer don’t fit in Obsidian 500D SE RGB


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Did anyone install the Lian Li Strimer RGB ATX 24-Pin extension in this case ? I tried for three hours to fit the Strimer in my case, but it is so stiff and long after it exit through the grommet in the back compartiment of the case.

The remained lenght is stiff and chunky because of the connector, and I tried many ways to succed to do it nice and functional , but I don’t succeded.

I tried to move the remained lenght on both sides, to the front of the case and to the back. I tried to use the upper gromett, wich looks better from the motherboard side because is near the ATX header and the Lian Li Strimer don’t twist , instead the middle grommet where it twist.

After all of this, my conclusion is if you use the upper grommet, it look nice, not twisted, but you can’t use the vertical cable mask on the back of the case, wich is not a good solution.

If you use the middle grommet, it will look twisted and the RGB optical fibres will be behind the cables, but you will be PROBABLY able to use the vertical cable mask, if you bend in short to back of the case the remained lenght of the cables, in the cables compartiment of the case, exit it through the bigger hole of the cable mask and couple it with the PSU cable in the exterior.

If somebody succeded to do that, a picture will be very appreciated. For me, I don’t founded a good solution. Thank you.:(:

Look here a 570X case ( the same chassis like mine) build,wich have a Lian Li Strimer. It looks preety good, but the arch is to high in my oppinion, this way it can restrict the airflow in the case. But I don’t know what is the situation in the back, because it is not shown. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/YvvnTW

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