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H100i RGB Platinum not showing up on LINK and iCUE, firmware downgrade as well?


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Hi, new here so yeah sorry if it's been asked.


I recently built my own pc and put everything together and it all seems to be working. The issue i am having is that all the fans but 1 is working(i have 5 rgb fans (2 from the cooler and 3 from online purchase) there is a led on the one and its changing color but its not lighting the whole fan.


Then i did a firmware update for the cooler and all the times it was unsuccessful for what ever reason. Now the cooler doesn't show up on the iCUE at all, no matter the cable connections or anything that i do it will NOT show up at all. So now im a little worried because in CORSAIR LINK 4 it's showing up as H80iGT instead of being recognized as H100i RGB Platinum.


it's not getting how or anything but on the NZXT CAM HUB its reading its clock speed at 4720 MHZ as average without running anything. and average temperature as 47'C


I am unable to find any place that allows me to update the firmware so its actually updating and gets the proper installation.


Also the lighting on block is as follows, Stable Blue to the top Left corner, and Stable Green to the bottom right corner. No leaks or anything and im unsure what to do, (my first time building a pc and stuff, im not good with computers.)


Running i9-9900k, 2080ti Founders, ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero WiFi if it's needed as info.

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The Platinum coolers are not supported within Corsair Link. However, it sounds like the firmware may have got corrupted. Go ahead and reach out to our support team and they can assist with getting this taken care of for you here. If you have any troubles, please feel free to message me.
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