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Dark Core SE charging and power indicator issues


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i really enjoy using the dark core se with latest firmware 3.22 and ique 3.13.94, but i'm heaving a real issue with understanding battery status:


- battery ked indicator not showing while mouse is connected via usb or cable (only way to know is to turn the mouse off and on and then the battery status blink for a sec or using ique in wireless mode will show high/med/low)




- charging status not shown when mouse is being charged, not on the mouse or in ique


and (as is this is not annoying enough), there is alert to when mouse battery going low without using the battery gauge, why wont i get a notice BEFORE the mouse power is going to die? i find myself using the mouse and then power is dead all of a sudden and i do not like the batter gauge - my taskbar is already too full).


i would really appreciate if you can address all or even some of the issues i've posted above, it will make the mouse much better for me.



thank you in advance,


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same issue here!

super annoying. on my ICUE it says "battery/status not connected". i don't understand this at all, because my mouse is directly plugged into my computer.


Also, whenever I try to pair it wireless, the LED indicators will pulse for a minute, then power off again.


hit me up if you find the solution to this problem


best of luck!

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