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Problem with ICUE and Warcraft


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Hello all!


I swapped my Logitech G15 for a Corsair K95 as my old keyboard started failing.


Somehow I can't get my G keys working.

What do I want

I want to map th F1 key to the G1 key and repeat it as long as I keep the key pressed.


What did I do

In ICUE I clicked Actions

Next I press the + to create a new action

Next I select the G1 key on the graphical interface

Next I select Function Keys and link F1 to the action

I tick imitate holding key on press and give it terminate 0.1


What do I expect

I expect the keyboard to send F1, F1, F1, etc (with a 0.1 delay)


What happens

The keyboard sends F1 once and waits for me to release the key manually.


Additional info

I want this setup so I can run a macro written in GnomeSequencer in World of Warcraft.

I set this macro to F1 using Elvui.



I managed to get repeating keys by creating a macro with an event, this way it's possible to repeat until key release.


Next problem, I want to link ctrl-shift-a to a G-key and let it repeat as above. This cant be done with an event as it only registrs one keystroke.

Anyone who knows how to solve this?


I hope someone can help me with this.




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