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M65 RGB, cant use foreward to swap profiles


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I correctly set my foreward button to switch to profile 2, then on profile 2 I correctly set my foreward button to switch back to profile 1


this does not work


between this and King Developer deciding us peasants are too childlike to set a macro to left click ( which is the whole reason we bought the mouse ) I am seriously regretting my purchase


I wanted to

1. set my foreward to profile switch

2. on profile 2 make left click rapidfire

3. save this to hardware


apparently, this piece of junk cant do ANY OF THAT

it cant do a single thing I needed my mouse to do


I can HACK my own mouse to take off Daddys Childlock and get 2 done, but jesus Christ you advertise it with hardware memory and I have to DOWNGRADE and buy an OLD CRAP mouse to get hardware playback? why did I buy this garbage?

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