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Corsair Utility Engine or iCue, or turn lites off?


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I need some help. folks. I got a new Corsair K68 RGB kybd and an M65Pro rodent. a few days back. iCue downloaded(from the official site) and installed. All the hardware works, but the iCue software is just AWFUL.


I can't seem to program the keys to light individually. The Corsair software is the most obtuse, illogical set of ones and zeros I've encountered in many years. I -finally- managed to get the keyboard to light up a solid color red. It replaced that damned swirly rainbow gobbidge, the one that appears after every restart/reboot, despite many attempts to save the one tolerable setting I got it to accept.


The Corsair software suite has several processes running, taking a lot of my system resources. It appears to be running more stuff than I need, want or will tolerate. I don't want a bunch of fancy stuff, just a basic red-lit keyboard, with my usual gaming keys lit a different color. iCue refuses to do that for me. I've un- and re-installed it three times now, no change. Checked it with three top AV softwares, found no issues, and I got iCue from the official Corsair site. I finally just uninstalled it for the last time.


So, I started looking for an alternative, maybe a nice open-source thing that does exactly what I want and nothing I don't need. I looked all over, and the only thing I found that looked promising was Corsair Utility Engine. Downloaded that, found it clear of malware, installed. Nothin'.


It installed OK, and leaves nothing running on my system that looks like it's phoning home, just the system service/display adapter thing. I almost thought I might have my lil problem licked. But nooooo, that would be too dang easy. The drivers seem to be installed, but the CUE engine gives me NO on-screen settings/setup/etc. I see the drivers running, but nothing else, and I'm back to that incredibly annoying swirly rainbow c_ap.


I can find no other source of help. I love the great keys on my K68 RGB, and the rodent's great. I'd be happy if I could just turn the lights OFF if there's no good software to change the lighting options. If it was possible to get one even color across it all, that'd also be acceptable. Having my chosen lighting settings actually live thru reboots/restarts would be great too.


OK, now, assuming you've read thus far, I'm asking...

Is there an open-source utility for the K68 RGB/M65Pro mouse? And/or, any way to turn the lighting entirely OFF if I can't get software that actually helps me to set the lighting I want? I've run out of ideas, leaving me beggin' here. It'd be great if Corsair had a phone number to call and get help. I just hope that someone who can help me actually will.


System info given if/when someone needs/requests it. Win10, custom gaming system I built 2y back, no other problems in hard-/software(s), a happy box o' rocks that lets me run games w/all settings maxed. Great keyboard, great keys, but if I can't easily set the colors -I- want, and/or the setting doesn't live through restarts/reboots, and/or there's extraneous/phone home "services" installed and running, and/or I can't disable the lights totally, it's just garbage.

Can you help, please?

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