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Hi all. I'm new here and this is my first time modding a pc.

First of all sorry for my english, I don't have enough knoledge.


Advice: this is a large post.



Case: Corsair Carbide Spec Omega Blanca


MB: Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming


CPU: Intel Core I7 8700K


Ram: G.Skill Trident Z 16Gb 2x8


Aio: Corsair H150i Pro


GPU: Aorus GTX 1070ti


SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500Gb


Video Capture: AverMedia LiveGamer HD2


PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G+ 750W Modular


HDD: Seagate 2Tb


Things that I knew.

The mod would be white and blue, it would have a psu cover, the ssd disk would be in the viewed side of the case and the hdd disk would be hidden behind the psu cover.


- I had to paint the chassis

- Make a psu cover with logos and rgb.

- Where and how to mount the SSD in the visible part of the box? Behind there are three lovely trays but not in front.

- HDD hidden behind the psu cover? Oh yes! But the original 3.5 trays are too big so I have to find a solution.

- If I made the psu cover I would need another way to access to the wires and the HDD.

- Are you going to paint the case in white colour and leave the wires in black? Sleeving

- And the best of all questions Did you know something about all of this?


So I was researching some time, collecting info, watching videos and finally I bought the hardware and I started working.

At this point I want to thank Wipoid for his excellent treatment and attention


First I took a few measurements, put the MB, PSU and the aio in its place and I made a cardboard psu cover to see it.

Once this done I completely disassembled the chassis, cut the bottom of the panel (where the MB is mounted) to have access to the back once mounted the coverin it's pace. Then I painted everything white on the inside and black on the outside.



Psu cover.

On a piece of aluminum sheet I drew the logos desing that I had done in photoshop and prepared to cut them with a marquetry saw. Yes friends, by hand.

Then I gave it shape and take a couple of bites for the cables and pci slots.



The back panel had been weakened so I decided to fix the psu cover to the panel to reinforce it using some riveted nuts.


Time to paint, I painted the psu cover, the MB rear panel cover, the vrm heatsinks, the chipset heatsink, the video capture and the aio radiator.



Return to the cover. Now is time for rgb.

To do this I used methacrylate, silver colored vinyl, aluminum tape and rgb 5050 led strips to take advantage of the fact that the MB is compatible and I can manage them with the rgb fusion.

I think no explain needed, the photos speak alone.



The cover is good for now, I hope to improve it soon.


To hold the hdd I decided to use the idea of the riveted nuts that I used to fix the cover.

With some holes, these nuts and the same separators used to mount the MB this issue was solved.



With the SSD I decided to mount it to the right of the MB so I just had to present it, find the right place and make some holes in the panel.


The sleeving was not difficult. You just have to be patience and be careful to put each cable in its place.

The result



The GPU. Black? No no no.

Let's work. Take out the heatshink, backplate, the case and the fans.



Paint it! The GPU case havs some bas-reliefs that will look beautiful in blue.



Marvelous, right? But ... have you taken the trouble to make it beautiful and now are you going to mount it face down and not see anything? In vertical we can't mount it because it stumbles with the video capture but... At 45º?


A new adventure begins by manufacturing a bracket to mount the 45 degree GPU on the chassis

I made one but it is too small and there wasn't enough distance between the GPU and the MB.



Start again. This time I made a riveted bigger bracket and I had to cut a good piece of the case.

Now the GPU is too heavy and needs a stand.

New measurements and then I made a support with an iron bar that will be bolted to the psu cover and the backplate.



We already have all the parts ready, time to assembly.

All in place and now we have a problem. The 24 pins ATX connector doesn't take well behind the MB. And the right side of the panel looks ugly witn holes and cable grommets.


A cut to the MB panel and a piece of methacrylate and ready.



Now that's it. Let's mount it



5 months to do this (I don't have enough time) but finally it is alive and I can use it today to write this post.

I know that some things are not as good as they should be and the planning of some others has not been adequate but what can I say? It was my first day.


Thanks FiscalModder for your help.

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