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HS 60 - Microphone Volume under Win 8.1


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i use Win 8.1 and the current Version of iCue is installed.


Mic Volume Level is at 100 and AGC is enabled. I have to yawp into the Microphone and its still to quiet.


Corresponding to Recording Software Audacity, the Gauge is max. -20db, when i speak with Volume, its even -30 to -40db. From -20 the Microphone understeers and sweeps a lot.


Is the Micro damaged? I had before a other USB Based Headset and that Micro was way better and louder - but it had no Volume Control so i returned it and bought the HS60 instead.


I know that Windows 8.1 and 10 has Issues with USB Microphones/Soundcards, especially when they use the Standard Audo Driver of Windows. Even Microphones with XLR and Mixers can experience that Issues unless the Mixer/Audio-Interface has its own Driver. But it seem that the Corsair Audio Dongle has no own Driver.


Ive re-installed Windows 3 Days ago, but it did not help at all. When install Windows 10, the Microphone does not work at all until i install iCue.


All those Ideas to change Hardware exclusiveness dont work. The Microphone understeers and now it seem that the Metal Brackat starts to lose his stiffness.

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