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Question about front button controllers 570x


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I want to buy a Corsair Crystal 570x case, unfortunately, the SP120 fans' speed cannot be adjusted since the connectors are 3 pins. Hence, I decided to buy 6x HD120 fans with a Commander Pro to use software to change the colors and speed of my fans. I still have some questions that I could not find clarification on, on the internet.


My questions:

- Is it possible to buy the 570x without SP120 fans? I am not going to use them anyway, hence, it is a waste of money.


- If I connect all 6 HD120 fans, can I just unplug the SP120 controller that is already installed in the case, since this one becomes unnecessary?


- My main concern, if I connect all the 6 HD120 fans, will the front RGB buttons on my case become meaningless? Or are the HD120 fans compatible with the front buttons as well if I connect them in a proper way?


- Do I need to connect the RGB front button cable to the Motherboard or to the Commander Pro to work properly?



I hope someone can help me out since I am kinda lost,


Thank you for the help!

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