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H150i going in 500D SE case


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Hello all. Sorry for what will likely be a common newb question.


I'm currently planning to get the 500D SE, which comes with LL120s and the Commander Pro. Unless a H150i Platinum manages to appear in the next month and a half, I'm going with the current H150i RGB Pro.


My plan is to leave the LL120s in their normal place in the 500D SE and have them push into the H150i. The H150i's ML120s will go on the back to pull. I'll also be installing a rear LL120 and two top LL140s as exhaust.


All 6 of the LLs will go to the commander pro for fan connection, as will their RGB hub. I plan to plug the H150i's USB header into the commander pro as well.


Any particular issues with this setup?


Edit: H750i is planned for PSU and will also run it's USB to the commander pro.

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