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Bios rom checksum error/Detecting Floppy Drive A media... Drive A error


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This is basically a question of why as opposed to what's wrong. I'll


try not to ramble. Edit... Sorry, but I did...I think.


Built a computer in 2005. It lasted till I think 2010 when it started to


random reboot. On third time, it wouldn't post and gave me a bios rom


checksum error.


I pulled out all unneeded components to no avail. New battery, Swapped


memory banks, used just 1 module and still just the checksum error. I did


manage after many tries switching modules around to get it to boot to cd


and run memtest. It passed. Upon reboot, however, the checksum error.


So I put computer away and it stayed there till couple months ago when I


dragged it out.


I ordered a new bios chip for my board and put it in. Computer posted and


I went through the bios settings and as I changed screens, it was if


someone cloned the top left of screen down to bottom right, text was all


cloned and garbled. I rebooted, changed boot order to floppy and flashed


the bios with a .bin file I downloaded directly from Abit. It appeared to


be successful.


I connected the Sata drive and it booted into windows and I let it set


for about an 1HR. Checked on computer and it had locked up. rebooted to


cd and ran memtest. It went through 2 passes and no errors. Something


happened in life and computer got pushed into background.


Couple weeks ago I got back on it. Went to boot and got bios rom checksum


error keyboard error or no keyboard detected Detecting Floppy Drive A


media Drive A error. System Halt Would do nothing else.


So I did what I should have done long time ago. I bought a Cheap 2GB kit


of ddr ram and installed it. Computer posted, I went into bios and


changed boot sequence to HDD and it booted right into windows no problem.


I should note this is the 2nd set of Corsair value ram to go bad in this




Question is why did ram check as ok, but cause this much trouble?

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