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K55 Macros stopped working

Dave Lister

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I play a certain popular online game and have used the K55 for the last month with zero problems. I push G6 and my character runs his macro.

Yesterday I rebooted and Windows did a small update.

When I logged back in, the keyboard macros stopped working. I read all over the net and reinstalled the software. Short story the macros don't work anymore.

The funny thing is that I can record a macro LIVE in game and assign it to a G-key and that macro and assigned key show up in the iCUE software perfectly.


However, if I push the G-key that I assigned the macro to, nothing. It just does nothing.


On top of that since it stopped working on the last version, there was an update.. So basically I have lost all functionality with the online game and macro abilities of the K55. I also reinstalled and cleaned the registry of the entry for the new version as well, same thing. The online game did not send out a patch or a mini patch within this time frame.

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