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Wondering if these temperatures are normal.


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About 2 months ago I got the Corsair One, and I recently started to experience lag and stuttering in games. I saw one reason could be my system getting too warm/something malfunctioning. So I am wondering if all of this is normal or if I should do something about it.


Taken from Corsair Link (see picture)

(All measured in Celcius)

Intel Core i7 8700K

All seven cores changing from 57-70 C constantly.

Package ~67 C

VCPU - 1.25 V

Load ~20 %


Corsair One

Coolant - 33.6 C

CPU - 2170 rpm

GPU - 2343 rpm

Fan - 436 rpm


ST2000LM015-2E8174 - 44 C

Samsung MZV 2HJP-00000 - 64 C


1080 Ti - 33 C

Fan - 1101 rpm


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