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Scimtar works like a 5 dollar mouse.


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so nothing works on the mous except left click and right click and middle mouse button, icue profiles seem to do nothing... updated rebooted unplugged still works like a plain old mouse..


amy i missing something?? i missed the college course on this software.


Please please please help me. allready lost a corsair keyboard to nothing.. dont want ot lose a mouse too. i just made the switch from a totally different company who sells pieces of **** that break down but your icue is total garbage if it doesnt work.


thanks i have to go spend two hours figuring out wtf nothing works on this mouse.


so not in the mood for this right now.. corsair i would totally time you out if you were on my stream!

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It is incredibly asinine but you have to create 24 macros in order for the 12 thumb buttons to function as the top row numbers. At least that is the way it had to be done with CUE v2.0. I am sure there is a guide somewhere, I had to switch back to Razer since CUE does not support multiple macros. So yes if you have a macro running and try to use any of the 12 thumb buttons no matter when you have them bound as they won't work while the other macro is running.
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