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Feature request: Time/Scheduling component to profile


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Hello Corsair,


First, thank you and congrats on having the best lighting ecosystem available to PC enthusiasts.


Feature request:

The ability to have time-of-day dependant lighting settings within each lighting profile would be outstanding!


Use case:

I only regularly use a few iCUE lighting profiles that are mapped to specific applications. The feature works great. To boil it down, I have a crazy RGB lighting profile for games, another profile for Spotify, and another profile for Google Chrome. At night, its night to have all the lights dimmed or shut off completely. For instance, if I'm watching Netflix in the evening via Google Chrome, I want all the LEDs off (until we can mimic onscreen colors). If I am using Chrome during the daytime, I want all the lights on at max brightness without having to touch the iCUE app.



If the above feature is a heavy lift, a quick solution would be to have a macro or hotkey setup to turn off all the lights, regardless of the profile. Much like the Instant Lighting option. I'm sure a user in the community has already figured out a way to to this?!?!



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