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Corsair One Pro - Under Performance, Streaming Issues


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I've had my Corseair One Pro (1080ti, 7700k) for approx. 8 months.


When trying to stream, I've noticed performance significantly goes down no matter what settings I change when streaming. Games will significantly underperform to an unplayable point. I've streamed on computers with lower computer specs just fine using the same or higher stream settings.


Additionally, while playing pubg my computer restarted as if it over heated. I chalked this up to PUBG being PUBG, however, given my streaming issues, I've been monitoring temperatures.


GPU remains stable ~40c. CPU will go anywhere from 65-71c while gaming. Not sure what's normal temps for the corseair ones.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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GPU Temps in any SFF Case will be higher because everything is so crammed together. typically GPUs can go to 82c and not throttle themselves because of heat. I would be worried if your GPU gets over 85c. I had a GTX 970 Founders Edition back in 2014, Crysis 3 would push it to 81c and it didn't throttle until 85c, which is hot for the card. Keep in mind, I only hit 85c on my 970 about 3 times in it's whole lifespan. I recently sold that PC to upgrade and I still communicate with the buyer and he has no issues with the GPU. So if your card ever hits 81c - 85c or higher..as long as it doesn't do that 24/7 you'll be fine. If you are worried about your temps, you could contact Corsair Support via email or twitter. (I've found the respond faster via twitter)


While under load your 1080ti at 65-71c shouldn't worry you. HOWEVER, I do not own a Corsair one, but every GPU I've own is a blower style, like the one inside the C1. My current 1070 is a Blower style. Gaming temps are around the same as yours.


As for streaming performance, I'm not sure how to help on this matter because I don't stream.


Are you overclocking the CPU at all or have boost on?

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Thanks for your reply man,


My GPU is actually staying pretty cool, it's my CPU temps that I'm worried about. Again, I'm not even sure the streaming issue is heat related.


My CPU is liquid cooled with a 120mm AIO. My CPU temps while gaming usually sit around 55c - 65c


My GPU temps go up to 72 and sometimes 76. I was playing Dishonored 2 on max settings at 75Hz in 1080p. These were my peak temps, but My PC is not as compact as yours is. I have more fans inside the case as well.

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can you keep task manager open and look at the performance when doing all your stuff? May help you locate your bottleneck. I don't stream either but i assume your computer will need to temporarily cache your stream to your HDD? Is this gaining onto the name/SSD or a much slower data HDD?


re overheating/running hot - well yes, SFF computers tend to run a bit warmer, but that's not necessarily down to them being smaller, it's more to do with people that like small computers also like quiet computers! Keeping something cool is about getting the heat out. This is mostly done through convection (fans) and to a much lesser degree radiation (the case). Inside a small computer there is less space, so a fan can replace all the air inside in a shorter period of time than for a large case. This is the most important thing for cooling. Radiation works both ways - if you have a black case in direct sunlight, your computer will run much warmer that a silver one kept in the shade. This is why silver cases are better for cooling. So don't keep your C1 in direct sunlight - it will run quieter as the case will radiate more heat out which means less work for the fan.


re your cpu temps - those are fine. 80 degrees is where things get iffy for intel, and the 7700k runs notoriously hot anyway :( The fan should ramp up before it hits 80 degrees anyway to try to keep it under.


with your computer restarting - any on screen messages/errors in eventvwr/do you have a crash dump created?

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