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Vengeance RGB PRO + iCue


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Probably should have posted this in here..


I have just come home from work, turned the lighting on via iCue and noticed that the far right stick of Vengeance RGB PRO RAM wasn't lit, while the other three were. I have rebooted, now the right two sticks are lit up, but second from the left has gone out.


On the dashboard, I only have one temperature showing out of the four. Has my memory failed, or is this something to do with iCue?


All was fine when I went to bed, last night.


ps: reinstalled iCue, no difference.

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Hi there. Thank you for the reply.


As I stated on the iCue sub:


It seems I have got them working again. I forced a firmware upgrade, but that made no difference.


In the end, I uninstalled iCue, switched the computer off and unplugged the power. I left it for about 30 minutes and then booted up and installed iCue again, and they started working properly.


I'm not sure what happened to be honest?!

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Hello again! Sorry for the late response; I'm glad you got them working. It seems like updates sometimes introduce errors in the software. You did the right thing, however you should be able to just uninstall, power cycle, then immediately boot up and reinstall. Again, glad to hear everything is working again.



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