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corsair link not working properly


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dear users


i got a new computer case ( corsair 460x)

and build my old system inside of the new case



i bought also 6 Corsair-HD120-RGB fans with 1 controller

i bought also the H100i pro water cooler


and at last the commander pro with the led strips


i installed corsair link, with with no option to setup mine colors etc


previously everything was working with the ledcontroller

( with no commandor pro)

all fans are working with color and everything

later i bought the commandor pro, en disconnected the fans en attached them to the commander,


on the attached screen you see the setup i used to install eveytinh

a few links









i have six fans ( all 6 the same)

fan nr1 is working with red led light,

fan nr5 shows 1 white led

fan nr 2,3,4,6 are turning with no colors


can somebody help me


kind regards


( ps sorry if my english is bad)

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