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LL120 RGB fans not lighting up correctly


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So I bought the following about a year ago:




And I buildt it in my 750D case. I plugged in the fans into the control unit channels 1-3.


For some reason it wasnt enough to set 3 fans in Corsair link 4 but I had to set 6 fans to light up 3 as one fan in Corsair link it would only light ub either the left or right half or the top or bottom half of one fan. Which seems really strange.


Anyway I set all 6 fans to static turquois so all 3 of my fans would light up completely.


It took 3 days until the fan in the back started flickering and eventually going off forever without being able to light up again with the software.


At the moment only the bottom fan at the front side works when I set at least one fan in the channel one options. When I add up to 6 nothing changes and the top fan stays off as well. Yesterday I was able to turn it on SOMEHOW by trying out random settings but it stays off at the moment. The bottom fan also seems to have one or 2 wrong lightning cells as when I set that fan to turquois those 2 will light up in green and red instead.


Strangely enough when I set 6 fans to rainbow both front fans will light up but the top one would be flickering every now and then. Also if that one is flickering the right half of the bottom fan would be flickering as well.


The fan in the back will stay off all the times no matter what setting I try out.


So only rainbow works for the both at the front only when I set 6 fans to rainbow while static would only turn on the bottom fan.


The firmware is totally updated and I don't know what iis wrong. The fans seem to work but it seems that either the software is bugged as I need to turn on 6 fans to make 2 fans light up (if I am lucky and not only one fan lights up) or the lightning node is not working properly.


What to do?

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