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MP500 240GB issue no boot


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My corsair MP500 force 240GB just died after a month of use? windows not booting, on bios i can see only 0.2GB space on the device, something is wrong!


The last thing I did on my PC was put my PC to sleep (windows 10).

After I woke him up (10 minutes later - I wanted to do something)

He woke up, stuck, throw blue screen of death (windows10 error screen with restart) with windows error of "critical service failed".


after I restart it, there was error of no boot device to use(BIOS).


My computer is brand new, 1 month old.

Sometimes, It was throwing error, then blue screen of death then restart.

Something like 6-12 times since i bought the computer.


Motherboard is gigabyte z370m.

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