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Battery Led Issue


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alright was messing around with the Buttons Power and mic



same issue happen with the amber only appearing not **Green**

uninstalled Icue From Control Panel However u do it

Once that's finish its not completely uninstalled there still files of it


Press Windows Key Hold R **Run** Command should pop up unless it's disable somehow for u

type %appdata%

There well be 3 Folder's Once u type that in u well be at (Roaming Search for Corsair hover over it and left click Hold Shift and Press


now go to Appdata

3 Folders should be there


LocalLow no files here

Roaming There's a corsair Folder inside here Delete it

Now listen carefully U see Drive Tools Up there on Folder Where it says File,Home,Share,View,Mangae Click View

Check Hidden items

now go to Local Disk (C:) a ((New folder)) should appear called ProgramData Delete Corsair Folder

Now everything sould be erase by now


when your finish with all that Install The new Icue Software that's up to date.




to fix the percentage issue and not charging not showing up in icue hold mute and power button at the same time for 15 sec

----------------------------- Once u turn it back on hold it for like 2 half sec not 3 or else its not going to say Charging that's what happened to me and it well probably appear at 97% percent instead of 100 which is weird


Once u do that step Above take out the usb charger out of your Computer while Icue is on Now the light should be blinking Green plug in back

inside your computer should say charging


if u want the green led on while your headsets off hold it for at least 3 or 4 secs like once its turn off completely just kept

your finger there for like half a sec still..



now if its 100% percent and its not saying charging status idk if its a bug

But the headsets show's it has a green led --Quote not blinking its like at full charge it happens when u hold it half a sec more just knowest that.

that's what work for me trying to get to the bottom of this issue couldn't find anything on Corsair forums ,regedit ,Etc

Hopefully this helps people if u mind sharing this...

Note when people are saying there Color led is broken it's not well Unless they drop it who know's Its because its on bootloader tbh it was pain in the *** trying to fix it back the way it was


Quote--- I never took out the dongle so that isn't the issue U don't have to take it out and put it back in..


**note this is what help me** Im not guarantee this is going to fix your issue but give it a try I guess**

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