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Using sleeved cables without inline capacitors RM1000i


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Hi everyone


I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. I recently bought an RM1000i PSU and also a kit of Corsair individually sleeved cables. To be honest I'm not very happy with the Corsair sleeved cables. I want to buy a kit of CableMod Pro series modmesh cables as they look a lot nicer and well organised with the pro combs, however they don't have the inline capacitors that the Corsair cables have. My understanding is that the capacitors are there for ripple suppression. So my question is, will using a cable kit without the capacitors impact performance in any meaningful way? If anyone reading this has used the CableMod RMi/RMx pro cables I would appreciate your input as to whether you noticed any changes. My 8700k and GTX1080Ti are both overclocked and I don't know if this is something to be concerned about or not.


Thanks in advance.

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