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Static Noise Appearing


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recently just purchase CORSAIR Gaming VOID PRO RGB Wireless Over-Ear Headset - Uni-Directional - Carbon Black on Sunday at Best Buy 3 days Later When

I speak with the Mic I quote hear a **static** in the background no its not my Computer already check my Psu, graphics card,Audio drivers Already uninstall

iCue Format My Pc **Windows 10 PrOCZ Downgrading to windows 8.1 pro same issue without installing iCue I don't get it. What happen how is that even possible like does it break by itself I didn't even Wear them like 7 times


Btw when I first got them I charge it ((1 time)) it Turn green When it was at full charge


now the 2 time i charge it) IT didn't Turn green it was a amber for like 10 hours straight just leaving them there I really don't get this

it never turns green just amber now


Edit* This is What it sounds like Once the Mic is on and When I speak its really annoying



I don't even know if I should return these and get news one

heard people doing that and having the same issue again.


I really like the design of these headsets sighs* Idk if I should just get new Headsets..

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I think I may of found out Why people are saying There headsets are having a static Issue apparently there's a Disturbance Around your Area. that's causing this issue.


Tbh I don't really know there's a interference even without the usb Dongle plug in to my Computer When I go to my living room the headsets shut off by it self

Thank god Im moving in a few months..

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