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Carbide Spec-06 RGB front panel issue

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I got a new SPEC 06 case and this one came with a working reset button. Not's sure what changed or of it is just manufacturing variance. But by the response above, it sounds like they are aware and working on it.
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I just found a new issue. After installing all the latest drivers for my motherboard (MSI MEG Z390 ACE), of the front USB's on the SPEC06 case, the left one, while facing the case, next to the power button only reads USB 2.0 flash drives. The one next to it reads USB 3.0 and 2.0 drives. All on board (rear) USB ports read both drives.


I don't recall testing it before I installed the MSI drivers.


Anyway, does anyone else have this? Is this just the way it is, or is there a driver / hardware problem?


EDIT: removed the MSI USB 3.1/3.0 Drivers and it began working again with the Microsoft generic drivers..... weird....

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Thank you very much, I follow you introduction, but replace the metal bracket with a piece of plastic plate and place between the steel case and the plastic front io, then the io box will be push up a little bit like want you did, then it work like a charm:laughing:


So I think the plastic io cover is deformed.....


Hi, I got the same problem here when the front io is plugged I got unexpected reset or even start/shutdown of the system. Let the front i/o open solve the problem but obviously I don't want to keep it that way...


Could you please send a picture of what you have done with the plastic piece? I would like to try the same but I'm not sure to figure out properly how you set up it.


That's really infortunate to get such problem especially considering that there is few chance to send back the product after finishing a build. I don't keep my invoice and I don't see myself opening the black piece to replace it with all the cables involved...


Thanks for your help & support! ++

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Hi, just wanted to chime in here to say I found a similar issue with my SPEC-06 case. Initially I thought I was hitting the power button by accident to reboot the system, but with further use I realised it was generally touching anywhere around the front top I/O panel (inserting/removing USB items) could cause a reboot/reset. Then, this morning I went to power up the machine and it was resetting itself before the BIOS even loaded. Basically the light on the corsair CPU water cooler was coming on but pulsing and I could hear it (the pump) seeming to restart constantly. The few old optical HDs I have in the build seemed to be spinning up but the BIOS was not loading (OS on SSD connected directly to MoBo) so I figured it was a power issue. Found this thread and unplugged the reset connection from the motherboard and hey presto, booted no problem. I will be submitting a ticket to this effect and looking for some sort of replacement or fix as I only bought the case last month and I don't really think this is acceptable. The front USB ports are hit and miss as well. Anyway, just to confirm, unplugging the rest connector from the motherboard fixes the issue but I'm afraid, I could not recommend this case because of this issue.
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Hi from France, just bought few days ago the first gaming computer for my son.

We choose efficient elements and go for a Spec-06 RGB case.

After mounting, trying to start and no issue.

We searched for a week, asking for Asus support (motherboard) and finally, my son found a french forum with the same issue, loop on start.

It was the reset switch of the case.

After unconnect the pins, system started fine.

Now USB flashdrive can't be read on front port.

I'm desappointed for that.

I think if I ask for Corsair, they will ask us to return the case before sending a new one, without the confirmation of efficiency for the new one.

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Hi Guys,

I recently bought the Corsair SPEC 06 Black-Red and having the same issues as you guys. Whenever i connect a usb device (like a pendrive for eg) my conputer suddenly reset itself. Sometimes it work normal tho but sometimes it resets itself. Glad i found out I’m not the only one. I’m bring the case to the shop i bought it from to see what they offer..

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Wondering if Corsair has fixed this issue. I ordered one off Amazon.ca and it's due to arrive today.. (Excited) ... Anyways I will give it a test this weekend to see if the issue still exists and report back.


How did it go?

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Posted (edited)

I have been struggling with this for two years! Replaced a processor, a motherboard, and a power supply and somehow that reset button kept triggering and driving me insane. I build PCs for a living and you are on the list with EVGA... permanently banned product purchases. I will never buy another Corsair product again! 

Why on Earth would you sell these cases to customers knowing they have a massive defect like this?

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