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Ultra-High Definition Sound Profile


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This profile I made for you guys will bring you high definition quality sound for your Corsair VOID headset.


It is HIGHLY recommended to use it for the Corsair VOID 7.1 surround sound variant although it may work on other Corsair headsets.


What its great for:

-First Person Shooters

-Racing Games


-Moving Watching

-Anything else you throw at it


I wanted to have a ultra-crisp audio profile because I do not like listening to music while my audio sounds like a "artificial performance". If you play first person shooters the sound is so crisp it might give you an edge, trust me.


Here are a couple of things that you may need to consider when using this configuration because it may not be for everyone.


-It may give you headaches sometimes because its too overpowering especially hearing a in-game grenade that sounds just like the real thing.

-You will HEAR every nick and cranny depending on what you are playing (Great for stealth games)



CUEv2.24.50 and above.

ICUEv3.6.109 and above.


New Features:


Ultra High Definition.cueprofile

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Before I download, can you explain how 1 file fit all mentioned profiles? I am more interested in Movie and Music :D


It makes the music much more crisp without the static echo noise you would hear from low end speakers. Much more bass and clarity. Non-compressed sounds to give a home cinema Dolby Digital experience without buying new audio equipment or paying money to have a enhancer program. High decibal sounds are loud while low decibal sounds are soft but can be heard with more clarity due to static noise reduction. It also makes the sounds more "tasty" and not so "metallic" like. It's really hard to explain because I dont know about the technical aspect of sound. Keep in mind I do play a brass [been playing for 7+ years] instrument so my experience in audio production is rather beginner but I do know how to make sterio audio into live audio as if you are actually at a concert. Not just sitting there listening to a digital recording of Mattlica. By the way I've been trying to perfect this for about two years now to a point to not only please myself but please others. If you have any questions or comments dont feel pressured to contact me!

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where do i put this sound profile ?


Click on import, select the "..." Navigate to the cueprofile stored on your PC, then select import. A screenshot has been provided for ease of use. If this is too confusing message me on Discord and I'll screenshare on how to do it.


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