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SATA/Molex Extension Cables

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Hey Guys & Gals,


I'm sure that a few of you are aware of DataHoarders on Reddit. To say the least, a lot of us have storage arrays with stupid amounts of storage for archiving purposes. I've embarked on a new journey to see how many HDDs I can smash into one system without breaking the cooling system. With that said, I ran into a problem.


My power cords for SATA/Molex won't be long enough to reach, nor will I have enough power slots.I was looking at making my own extension cables for it, however I'd rather not fry a $500 PSU and $3,000 in Motherboard, CPU, Memory and SSDs/HDDs.


Is it safe to use an extension for the SATA/Molex Connectors?

Is there a maximum length I should consider?

Is there a maximum amount of Molex/SATA Connectors per cable strand?



My other thought was;

Could I use VGA/GPU Plugs for Power? But that's 12v vs 5v, probably not a good idea, right?



The Build in Question is;


900D Case with maxed out expansion for the 3.5" Drives + 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" Conversion bay, and a 2x 5.25" to 3x 3.5". If I did my math right, that's about 26 Slots available.

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