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Does Corsair Not Care About Customers?

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We purchased a new Corsair One last year and it's been nothing but problems ever since.


Thousands of dollars wasted on a computer that has problem after problem with displaying video. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.


Now it boots and it won't display anything. We are still on ticket #643046, originally opened on 11/9/17.


Our computer is in the batch with defective cable problems. Corsair refused to fix it last year, and now the computer boots and will not display video. So it's basically a brick because you cannot even get into the bios.


When we call customer service, we get the runaround, told it will be "days" before Corsair will answer.


This is a complete joke. We have two young children and frankly don't have time for a company with horrible customer service.


I'm just venting here. I see lots of other people with the same problem with Corsair. There's a lot of competition in the tech field - if Corsair can't get it together, I don't expect they will be around much longer to help us with these warranty problems.

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