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[Feature Suggesion] Linking one profile to another


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I made a similar suggestion for Cue 2. The problem is that per application profiles reset everything (such as key assignments, lighting etc). Generally, I want an application profile to be exactly the same as the default (same lighting, keys etc) EXCEPT for the changes I want to make for that application.


The only way to ensure that an application profile gets these settings from the default profile is to copy the default profile as the new application profile and make the changes. This is not ideal since any changes to the default profile do not automatically flow to the application profile, so, over time, they become more and more out of sync resulting in constant maintenance to manually replicate changes from the default to all the other application-specific profiles.


Suggestion: add a feature to 'link' one profile to another profile (e.g. the default profile, or any other profile). This automatically applies all the settings of the 'parent' profile except for those settings specifically changed in the 'child' profile.


Now, whenever a profile is changed, we won't get wonky things happening due to it having different lighting settings (amongst other things) to the previous default (for example) profile.

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