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2nd Macro Does not execute if trigger happens during other Macro


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I have a macro with 50 keystrokes set to "Execute Macro Uninterrupted" (Set to "On Press" of Profile Switch of Scimitar Pro RGB mouse), and a Second Action of 30 keystrokes and or mouse moves/mouse clicks (Set to, on release, Execute uninterrupted).


If I release the button before the first macro is completed the Second Macro does not trigger. Is there a workaround for this?


(Previously, I believe, I used to use the Queue next macro feature of Cue 1.)


(I have tried setting the second action to "On press" (Rarely works), and "while pressed" (works on the same conditions as released, because basically I have to hold down the button until the first action is done to activate the "while pressed" trigger)


In the absence of a workaround, is this something that Corsair would show interest in fixing, or am I in no man's land here?


The two reasons that I replaced a competing mouse with this mouse, were because this mouse had the 2nd action feature, and could utilize mouse move events on the buttons. If the 2nd action feature isn't reliably triggered and I have to move it to another button, the competing product has 19 programmable buttons compared to the Scimitar's 17....

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