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Do Revision values matter when comparing Kits?


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So, short version. Is there an actual difference in the Ram modules included in the following two Kits (specifically the Revisions are 'B' vs 'X')?




I'm wondering if there's actually been a revision change since the 4 Module Kit was being Made and the 8 Module kit, or if they are actually the same Module?


Longer Version. I'm wanting to stay on my MoBo QVL list and CMK128GX4M8X3600C18 is listed as a valid option utilizing all 8 DIMM slots. In comparison CMK64GX4M4B3600C18 (which I can actually get 2 kits cheaper that 1 of the 8 module kits) is only listed for 4 DIMM slots. I suspect that they should work fine if I order 2 and fill all 8 slots.. but I've been bitten by going off QVL before, and don't want to repeat that.


To save effort, I'm running an Asus Rog Strix X299-E with an 8 Core Intel I-7.

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What matters is the revision of the kit, those are indicative of what brand/version memory chips are being used for said memory stick. It goes like this:


Ver 3.xx = Micron D9TBH

Ver 4.31 = Samsung B-die

Ver 5.30 = Hynix AFR

Ver 5.39 = Hynix MFR


This is important and the QVLs mention it because if you have a kit with a version not mentioned the compatibility is not garanteed even if you have the right model of memory/kit.


This is very unfortunate because if you are purchasing online like most do, you have no way of knowing that version in advance...


But in your particular case I can garanteed you will be getting a Samsung based kit! This because for they speed (3600) only Samsung is capable of it and your kit will be Samsung b-die.


As to your particular doubt, CMK64GX4M4B3600C18 is validated for 4 slots because it is a 4 x kit. Usually motherboard manufactureres do not validate kits in double, since they also mostly do not have two kits of the same model and revision on hand to do so.


I suspect you will be fine with 2 x 64gb model kit.

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Mixing two of the 4 up kits together will most likely not work. The X kit is tested with all 8 modules and requires extra guardband in order to work. The X kit was created specifically for X299


Thanks, Yeah I found another thread that one of the Corsair engineers basically said mixing kits is never a recommended idea. So I went ahead and paid more for the single x kit. Sounds like I definitely made the right choice.

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