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Need help with old 980 TIs


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Hello Everyone,



First off Here are myComputer Specifications


I am trying to play Destiny 2 at 4k ultra graphics. The GPU handling most of the load running the game is crashing after a couple hours of game play due to overheating. There are a few factors with my build contributing to this problem i.e. cable management and space between GPUs.


As of right now I am looking to take the stock coolers off the main GPU and run a corsair HG10 N980 adapter with a Corsair H60 installed. Not sure if the Adapter will fit as I believe Gigabyte changes the board design. Can anyone confirm / deny if the HG10 N980 will fit on the GV-N98TEXTREME - 6GD or my second card, the GV-N98Tg1 Gaming 6GD?


The techi in me would much rather try applying the hydro solution rather than simply buying the water cooled 1080TI gigabyte offers. If the answer is no, then I might just have to purchase the 1080 card. Thanks for your time.

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Look into the NZXT Kraken G12 too , I have it on My EVGA 980ti (KR4995) and temps are 1/2 what they were , using a H80i-GT/V2 now. I am not in SLI though, so not sure if you'll have room? you may have to go waterblock which may make it not worth it for SLI.....


Check out this thread , I am using this Bios on my G1-970GTX and the EVGA 980ti and Laithan, the OP of the thread, is running SLI 980ti's under water , so he maybe able to advise more than I can...



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